Main Committees:
Steering Committee
Executive Committee
Finance Committee
Co-ordination Committee

Organizing Committees

1. Reception Committee
2. Seminar Committee
3. Cultural ProgrammesCommittee
4. Exhibition Committee
5. Publicity and Public Relations Committee
6. Tourism and visiting Committee
7. Health and Hygiene Committee
8. Transport Committee
9. Youth programmes Committee
10. Women programmes Committee
11. Children's programmes Committee
12. Meeting Platforms and Seminar Halls Committee
13. Mementoes, Presentations and  felicitations Committee
14. Website and Computer assistance Committee
15. Publications Committee
16. Foreign delegates and out station delegates Committee

The concerned ministers would function as the Presidents of the Committees.

The Union Ministers, State Ministers, Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Council, Members of Legislative Assembly would be the members in these bodies based up on their interest.

Eminent personalities in different fields would also be members in the committees. These committees would prepare necessary plans for the success of these World Conferences.